…or maybe not.

This collection of ‘what’s happening in future tech’ contains at least one scary notion (for me anyway) – the idea of data transmission through the skin.

“When you meet someone new, shaking hands won’t just be an exchange of pleasantries. You’ll also share data directly through skin contact or wireless transfer. Your personal network will then share the information with your mobile devices.”

Imagine this. You and your friends are having a drink in a bar, when someone brushes your shoulder innocently as they pass you on the way to get a drink. Seemingly innocent enough. Yet that person has just gleaned all your personal details through a skin hacking device, which they’ll use to learn everything from where you live to what kind of toothpaste you buy. Takes stalking to another level, don’t you think?

And it’s Japan that’s taking a lead in research in this field…

Japanese telecommunications giant NTT DoCoMo has achieved data rates of 10 megabits per second over skin.

I guess they’ll want to use it to develop faster methods of payment and personal identification verification services and some such – all in the name of saving time. There are already smart-cards being used regularly on public transport and you can pay for goods with your mobile phone just be touching it to a transponder. This is the next step? Just to save a few seconds? No thanks.