… so not much blogging.

The past week’s been a frenzy of meetings, parties, work and other stuff. This is the first full day of solid relaxation I’ve had for what seems like ages! Not complaining though. It’s been good to hang out with some people I haven’t had a chance to for a while, see off some others, as well as do some good things at work.

What’s coming up?

Well, there’s the Yukata Matsuri which will be on the 22nd and 23rd. I actually have a yukata and geta to wear now, so I’ll try to get out amongst the fun and games on the Saturday night.

There are the summer beer gardens. The one on top of the Forus building here in Himeji is well known for having a good vibe, lots of beer and a large variety of (mostly fried) food. We’ll all be off there next Sunday night for some fun.

There are also the fireworks festivals. The one at Kakogawa was huge when I went a couple of years ago, but there are lots in the Kansai area which are worth seeing if you can stand the crowds.

It could be quite a long hot summer, so we’ll be trying to make the most of it!