Another excellent article, this time courtesy of Yifat Susskind at Znet, looking at the wider agenda of the Christian Right in America. With one of their own in the Oval Office, as well as others on the Supreme Court, in the United Nations, and so on, enacting policies that see them “…denying the morning-after pill to rape survivors in Kosovo and barred [sic] access to condoms and sexual education in AIDS-ravaged Africa,” sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Would he be interested seeing half the human race denied access to basic control over their bodies? I think not.

The Sydney Morning Herald rather sensationally looks at the ‘links’ between Islam and other religions, namely Catholicism and Judaism. Hey – they’re religions! Wow! For a more interesting and lucid book to read on the issue, I’d recommend The End Of Faith by Sam Harris.

We may not have to soon worry about dieting or living a short life, if recent research is anything to go by. It’s been well established that calorie-restrictive diets can prolong life in animals, and now scientists have uncovered a gene in mice and worms that will allow us to possibly pop a pill in the future and enjoy a longer life. Yippie! Welcome to a Brave New World!