Following from my post a while back about the disappearing bees, this article sums up a lot of theories about what’s going on, as well as what has been going on over the past few years regarding bee health and prosperity. The most interesting idea, I thought, was this:

“Who should be surprised that the major media reports forget to tell us that the dying bees are actually hyper-bred varieties that we coax into a larger than normal body size? It sounds just like the beef industry. And, have we here a solution to the vanishing bee problem? Is it one that the CCD Working Group, or indeed, the scientific world at large, will support? Will media coverage affect government action in dealing with this issue?

These are important questions to ask. It is not an uncommonly held opinion that, although this new pattern of bee colony collapse seems to have struck from out of the blue (which suggests a triggering agent), it is likely that some biological limit in the bees has been crossed.”

Interesting, and interestinger….