I’m sure I experienced the same ill feeling most of us had when I saw the news…

Ill, in one way, because it was the same ill feeling I experienced before – not only because of Columbine, or 9/11, other horrible mass killings in the U.S.

Australia’s also been down that path before.

In the aftermath, the opportunists point fingers and say all manner of things to get noticed, to push their agendas, and so forth.

One student candidate for the Virginia Tech student elections made a tearful speech about a cousin who was killed, only to admit later it was made up to garner sympathy votes… She blamed it on having bi-polar disorder. Sounds like bad taste to me.

Another took the opportunity to put the blame on and attack atheists in the wake of the massacre. Read this for a superbly worded reply to such hyperbolic nonsense.

You’ve got to wonder what’s not being talked about in the wake of another loner going on a rampage. Why are these things still happening? Where are the debates about the mental health system, the way educational institutions become a living hell for some, GUN CONTROL???

Interesting point:

“Australia had a spate of mass public shooting in the 1980s and ’90s, culminating in 1996, when Martin Bryant opened fire at the Port Arthur Historical Site in Tasmania with an AR-15 assault rifle, killing 35 people.

Within two weeks the government had enacted strict gun control laws that included a ban on semiautomatic rifles. There has not been a mass shooting in Australia since.”

As a nation we took a look at ourselves, our culture, the cultures of our close partners and made a choice. Personally I don’t care much for our current leadership, but I think that was one thing that they did which was a sensible, long-term, and above all, RIGHT decision to make. It has made Australia a much better and safer place to be. It hasn’t stopped people from being killed by guns, but the numbers show the truth, by removing large amounts of guns from our society, it has made it safer.

Americans, put pressure on your leaders to lead. America’s leaders, do what’s right. Stop the slaughter of your fellow Americans.

I did read what the killer’s sister had to say in the wake of the tragedy. I certainly feel for them and sincerely hope that everyone understands that they aren’t to blame for how their son and brother turned out. May cooler heads prevail…