Why is it when Australia, home to some of the best companies in the world for researching and developing solar energy technology, not to mention the place of squillions of good daylight hours, is lagging behind in taking up such technology?

This article goes into some of the issues. If the government got off its collective butt and put some money where its mouth was – instead of channelling funds into more coal burning technology (clean-burning? that’s a laugh) – we could power more than just ourselves.

The other thing is people aren’t willing to put their own money where their mouths are either. A current solar energy system could pay for itself in 20 years. People are now taking out 30 year mortgages so that’s potentially 10 years of free power if they don’t move. The high initial cost is an issue – agreed.

You see more and more homes with panels on their roofs these days in Japan, but it could certainly be much better – especially when you see so many new homes going up with just tiles up top.

Keep researching guys. I keep looking and hoping for the great breakthrough…