Man, it’s been busy around here.

When teachers aren’t busy teaching, they’re busy quitting! SO MANY people are leaving in the next couple of months – it’s going to be just me and a few hardcore losers who’ll be left to hold the fort. Amazing…

Our band’s website has had an update – we have a slideshow now! Woo Hoo! Technology!

The cherry blossoms will be out this week, so that means drunk people rolling around the base of Himeji Castle. Hopefully I will be one of them before too long.

It also means that the pollen count is sky-rocketing and the dust is blowing across from China, making life just that much more interesting, and by ‘interesting’ I mean annoying… actually… rather. It was hard to make out the hills in the distance today and we couldn’t see the caste at all from our apartment this morning, just to give you an idea.

From the wife department; K has had two post-3am bedtimes this week due to work. At least she was at home but she was writing all sorts of forms and e-mailing colleagues while I was trying to sleep…. she’s not having fun at all.

The weather has started to really shake off the winter chills – AT LAST! I really didn’t enjoy winter at all this year – and I wasn’t even in the country for a month of it! I’m already thinking about spiriting myself off somewhere warm and tropical for a couple of weeks this Christmas, such was the wonderful time I had in this past December/January.

Blogger is still sometimes prompting me to log in and conduct myself in Japanese. I would rather not. If any of the Blogger people are reading this site – fix it dammit! I might live here, but at least give me the choice of logging in in English! Try to contact the Blogger admins – good luck….

/me steps off soapbox