The Singapore Girl gets to keep her uniform. I couldn’t believe they were actually considering changing it.
As for the critics who said it was, “passe and largely intended to serve male passengers’ fantasies of desirable, subservient Oriental women,” I say, “Get yourselves to lives, immediately”.
The Singapore Airlines uniform is unique amongst the dreary, business-suit inspired, invariably navy jacket and skirt uniforms that 90% of the world’s airlines use. It immediately identifies the airline, as well as shows off the Asian heritage of its origins. It’s simple, flexible, practical and (from my observations) comfortable.
Long live!

Also South Korea’s Incheon Airport has been voted the best airport in the world. I gotta say, it likely deserves such a title. My experiences there have been hassle-free and the airport is big, bright and airy, easily accessible and easy to use. Korean Air is also a vastly underrated airline.