Looks like the peak time for Cherry Blossom viewing will be earlier this year.
Highlights from the above picture: Tokyo – March 18, Kyoto – March 28, Osaka – March 25.
Good thing is I have four days off around that time so I’ll be riding my bike around Himeji Castle, enjoying the view and taking some pictures!
If it’s a warm winter again next time, look for the cherries to be blooming around the same time next year.

Looks like the Right-wing Christian Moron Militia have Wikipedia in their sights. They have set up their own alternative on-line encyclopaedia which spins everything to their own particular world-view. Yippie. This site does a great job of poking fun at it, which is all it deserves.

After yesterday’s article about the most expensive cities in the world, comes today’s article about the richest cities in the world – and Tokyo is number one! (So does that mean if you want to make some cash, you should move to Tokyo? Richest (1) – most expensive (5) = $$$? Maybe New York would be even better….)

A couple of interesting ones that caught my eye. One, about a proposal to build a tunnel between Spain and Morocco, and the other about alternatives to conserving and re-using water in drought affected areas of Australia. They don’t mention how planting more trees could also help solve the problem…

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