It’s been a busy one, with people quitting left, right and centre. I might be going back to my previous school since this time in two months there may be….. well…… NO teachers there!!

My bro has started work in Brisbane as of yesterday. Made the move on Friday, so there’s nothing like getting everything done as quickly as humanly possible!

In strolling the interwebs, I came across some good reading.

Some great pictures of Saturn – good for wallpapering the PC.

59 things that would’ve stayed secret if people hadn’t started making all sorts of silly freedom of information claims.

A good article about travelling in New Zealand and how they’ve really got their act together over there.

And finally a story about how drinking is GOOD FOR YOU! (especially if you’re an elderly bloke – good to know there’s ONE good thing about getting old!)

I found all sorts of stuff about Iran and how the U.S. is positioning itself for an attack which could happen as soon as (checks watch)…. but you can look for that yourself. It’s out there if you look closely enough.