Blogger is turning Japanese on me. Kurappu!

In this week’s news and goings on, looks like my company is in all kinds of poo – to put it mildly. The wife has had the “what will you do if you lose your job” chat with me tonight. Options are on the table, but I think we’ll be staying put until things take a real nosedive… IF they do. I can tell you one thing, I will NOT be looking for work in another eikawa company if this site is anything to go by….

This was an interesting summary of the recent visit to Australia by the Finnish President, Tarja Halonen. She lowered our PM a rung or two by distancing herself from him over the nuclear power issue after he tried a bit of sucking up. The article has a good summary of all the good things about Finland. Doesn’t mention the cold, six months of darkness, rampant alcoholism or the high suicide rate, but hey, since when did they matter!?

Has the USA already started down the road to a totalitarian government?
Are they lining up Iran when Iraq and Afghanistan are still mired in chaos?
Why are they so interested in pouring money into Africa when it just makes the poor poorer?

In lighter news…

Found an awesome site of 70s movie soundtracks.

Here’s a weird site for you ex-Japanese dwellers out there (and here is the explanation in English!) – a ‘shabu shabu’ restaurant in Tokyo where you can have a waitress dressed as a nurse or an office lady (‘OL’) – ah, if I only had some money!

If you ever wanted to be like ‘The Dude’ from ‘The Big Lebowski’ then you can go through a step by step course in Duderonomy! (The Dude abides)

And finally, here is ‘Full Metal Jacket’ done as anime! (thanks bro!)