“ok, so imagine you live in portugal and your moving house. you find a lovely farm house set in a decent plot of land. the place has been empty for 15 years!

whilst exploring your new property you find a large barn in the trees. the door is padlocked shut and its all rusted solid. so you grind the padlock open………

and this is what you find inside.” (for Matt)

As the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse saddle up thanks to the triumvirate news stories of Anna Nichole Smith dying, Paris Hilton bringing Vienna to a standstill and Britney shaving her head, it was refreshing to find an article that sums up the stupidity that is “news”. This article explains my state of mind much more eloquently than I ever could.

Today’s scary news is that there is a report based on research that eating GM potatoes increases the risk of cancer. There’s some controversy about its accuracy but the fact that the ‘powers that be’ have tried to keep this quiet speaks volumes….