Yup, in Vegas and I have a few minutes in the Business “Center” in the Bellagio. Try to access the internet here and they make you jump through hoops – it’s taken me over an hour. That is the only thing that has sucked about this trip though so I won’t gripe too much.

Oh… and I haven’t won any huge jackpots or anything – that I’m sooo disappointed with. I’m all up $30 down, which isn’t bad really considering I’ve gambled in four casinos (so far). Roulette has been the best game for me – surprising since I’ve never really played it much before. Beginner’s luck I guess.

The Grand Canyon yesterday was truly an experience of a lifetime. Words cannot describe the experience so all I’ll say is it’s something you have to do for yourself some time in your lifetime.

Vegas itself has been big, brash, and busy. Next time I’ll make a mental note to come during the weekdays. Trust us to be here on the weekend!

I’ve had one “Vegas Experience”. I was nearly propositioned by a gorgeous black woman at 6am in the Bellagio corridors yesterday morning. She was stunning but as soon as she smiled at me I knew what she was after. What happens in Vegas, eh? There were a couple more prowling the hallways when I got back at 3am this morning but they were being hassled by a drunk hotel guest.

Been to Fremont Street, The Stratosphere Tower, and up and down the Strip. Today is shopping and maybe lose some more money. Tonight it’s the Picasso restaurant in the Bellagio for a final send-off.

Viva Las Vegas!