This time tomorrow I’ll be in Seoul.

We’re stopping over there for half a day on the way to Vegas and back. I have a good map thanks to Pav and tips for what to do, so that’ll easily take care of the time, providing I can escape from the group.

The group consists of my private students (known as ‘The Doctors’, Masako and Etsuji), their daughter and son-in-law (Anri and Hiroyuki, who are also doctors), their grand-daughter (Sara, who is 8 months old, and is doomed to become a doctor) and about 30 of their staff from their hospital who have nothing on their minds except raising havoc in Vegas for 48 hours.

Apparently last time they did this, some people didn’t sleep for the two days they were in Vegas…

We’re staying at The Bellagio, seeing ‘O’, doing a Grand Canyon tour, having dinner at Picasso, and I’ll try to squeeze in as much Vegas as I can without killing myself or others. I will be sleeping though. I couldn’t have a room at a place like The Bellagio and NOT sleep there at least one night!

If I can see at least one Elvis impersonator, I’ll be happy.

I’ve got my suitcase out, got my traveller’s cheques signed, got my clothes out. Things are starting to happen…