Now that caffeine is healthy again (at least for this week) it was with great delight I found this article on a bloke who’s found a way to put caffeine into baked products. Nothing like a coffee with a doughnut, but how about the strength of two coffees IN a doughnut!? Yes, please!

Speaking of food, here was something about foods that help you sleep well at night.

Speaking of developments in technology, here was something interesting about someone who’s developed a way to get water from thin air. No condensers on Tattooine needed, Young Skywalker. Also this was a very interesting article about a possible cure for cancer. It’s so easy and safe it could be put in tap water. The reason why we haven’t heard about it yet? The drug isn’t patented so drug companies won’t make any money off of it. Yay Capitalism!

I’m off to Vegas next week and I plan to do some shopping. Here is something interesting about how to annoy shops – primarily by minimizing your extra costs which they love to profit from.

Lastly, some horror retail stories from Something Awful. Don’t become these people!!