Woah, that came about quickly!

The last couple of days have been spent catching up with a lot of people, doing some much needed shopping and tying up some loose ends.

Matt and I went down to the beach last night and took a bunch of pictures. Amanda came down as well and brought her niiiiice camera so I’m looking forward to seeing how my little digital camera’s pics stand up to her’s. The evening was a classic Adelaide summer’s night. There was scarecely a breeze and the water was glassy and warm to wade through. There were a couple of boats out enjoying the conditions as the sun set, making for some easy Kodak moments. The beach was busy with all sorts of people outside, taking advantage of the evening’s relative coolness (it was in the high 30s yesterday); joggers, families, couples, dog-owners, groups of teens, and so on. Perfect!

I ended up at Adam’s parents’ place playing Texas Hold ‘Em with Ads and the family. I didn’t do so well – I had a lot of good hands, but just other people’s hands were just a *little* better…. had fun though.

Today, mum and I had a ‘picnic lunch’ at home in front of the cricket. There was REAL bread, metwurst, pate, mushrooms, blue cheese, brie, cabernet paste (oooooh!) and so on and so on – all washed down with a Coopers Pale Ale. With the ABC radio commentary on and the Channel Nine commentators switched off – it was perfect!

Tonight is my brother’s birthday dinner. I gave him an acoustic guitar for his present, which really knocked his socks off – didn’t see that one coming! Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow it’s Matt’s birthday, so we’re having breakfast before I have to get to the airport.

This may be my last blog until I get back to Japan, depending on the kind of access I can get in Thailand. Pics will be posted…. eventually!!