Yesterday was the gathering of the celebrated souls from around the globe to unleash musical mayhem on the masses. Pretty much everyone was there; Myself, Skopal, Lucas, Gregory, Clarks Phil and Dave, Pringle and Lundberg (flown in for the occasion as special guest muse). The venue was the Fish Shop Studios in Port Adelaide (where else!?) and at noon the magic started to unfurl.

The classics were revisited. ‘Fat Man In A Little Coat’ was given the slow and chunky treatment, ‘Je Suis Un Hypercolour T-shirt’ was given a new lease of life through the use of acoustic guitars, and later through disco and reggae versions. ‘Egging Pedestrians’ was resurrected through the latest in medical technology, and a drill to the back of Phil’s skull. ‘Seagull In A Suitcase’ was merged with ‘Ode To Feedback’ in a combination which is still ringing in my ears this morning.

Four(?) new songs were liberated from the collective creative depths of the participants’ minds, celebrating various band members or the famous food styles on offer in the wonderful city of Adelaide (the AB in particular). After five hours of earth-changing music, it was time for a feed.

Where else but North Adelaide for an AB. Our favourite place, the Blue and White Cafe was shut so we had to go for second best and get one from the Red and White (original names eh!) up the street. Needless to say, the AB was massive and devoured in about as much time as it takes to sing the theme song from The Banana Splits.

Next, it was back to Skopals place where much home brew was consumed, much wood was smoked (rather than burnt) in the fire and stakes were raised in a Texas Hold-em tournament that at one stage threatened to realign magnetic North. Phil was the eventual winner and I am proud to say that I was the first who had to bow out!

Never quite a day was had – and never shall again.

Yes, pictures were taken. Yes, they will be uploaded for your enjoyment once I get hold of a computer which has a USB port and decent internet access! (sorry mum…)