It started out as a sunny day but it’s just started raining – not much but it’s pretty dark outside right now. Cool and breezy.

Already had a chat with my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins on the phone and about to call my wife in Japan before she goes to work. Yes, people do work on Christmas Day in Japan – it’s not a ‘Christian’ country but Christmas is a big deal since there are gifts, dinners and cake involved. I would be working today if I was there right now. (Onya Pav!)

Plans for today are to pick up my brother and enjoy a long lunch with him and my mum. That’s it! I think that may be the quietest day I’ve had so far!!

Yesterday afternoon one of my friends had his birthday lunch (Decemebr 24th – yoiks!) so I went down to his mother’s place and met up with him and his family. His daughters are excessively beautiful children. There were other family and friends so it was a great chance to catch up and see other children running around and find out what everyone’s been up to.

Last night it was just mum and me but my firend Phil dropped by with a couple of his brothers in tow. The shortest brother is six-foot and the youngest is taller than me – so that gives you an idea what tall timber was lurking in the house last night! It was great to see them all and a good hint as to the carnage that will happen tomorrow for the long-awaited Mullet get-together.

Once again, Merry christmas, peace to you and a happy day!