Last night…

We went to Danny’s Pizza for dinner. Adam convinced me to order a large Danny’s Special to save some money but I couldn’t finish it! I really do have a Japanese stomach these days.

Well, if you want to check it out, the 36ers lost. They just didn’t have the consistency to get ahead and stay ahead. Time after time they’d draw a few points clear but then the Dragons were always allowed back into the game. The Sixers couldn’t buy an offensive rebound and in the end that probably made the difference. It was fun sitting next to Adam, enjoying the atmosphere and trading comments about the game while quaffing Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee just like the old days – sharing the elation and eventual frustration.

After that Matt drove Amanda’s car down to Semaphore so he could pick up his car from his new job’s Christmas party the other day. That must be a good sign when your new boss invites you to the Christmas do before you’ve worked a single day – especially when he’s buying! Matt’s car is an old XF Falcon station wagon which is a great tank of a thing – and it’s so funny to see Matt owning one after his years spent ripping into Ford cars and owners – but like he said; the car was free.

We dropped Matt’s car off at Amanda’s place then headed into town to see Special Patrol play at a pub there. (They may be the only band in the world named after a hamster…) The bands were good and I was able to meet Matt’s bandmates from Collider, John and Che. As Special Patrol were playing a young fella came over and introduced himself as one of my old students from my teaching days! He must be nineteen by now as I taught him six years ago! He was the guitarist in the band that played before Special Patrol so it was interesting to have a chat to him and catch up on what we’d both been doing.

Finally Matt, Amanda and I ended up at Vili’s Café De Vili’s in Mile End and I was able to have one of their famous Goulash Pies. That’s another essential knocked off the gourmet’s tour of Adelaide!