Started out a bit gloomy but it warmed up to be a perfect sunny summer’s day. Lovely.

The blood tests went well this morning.

Before the tests Mum dropped me off at a guitar shop nearby and I had a bit of a daydream. Ran into a friend there too. The (welcome) curse of Adelaide struck again. It’s nice to meet random people that you know.

After they syphoned some of my blood (the nurse said it was the right colour, so that was a good start!) I wandered into town to another guitar shop and ended up buying an acoustic guitar there. No electronics – just a basic acoustic – but it has a lovely deep tone and is a blue sunburst on black. Looks very nice. With a case too and very good value. Happy! The Mullet gig is shaping up to be even more fun!

After that I wandered into town to the Central Markets. I had a prawn and wanton laksa in the Asian Food Hall there, which was simply lovely. The soup was hot but not overwhelmingly spicy. The noodles were the thicker egg-based kind you never see in Japan, so that was refreshingly different and the prawns were big and sweet. Just as I finished up Adam called. He and Jodi were on their way into town so they arranged to meet me at the markets, which left me enough time to buy a souvenir for Keiko and have a drool as I wandered around the place. I picked up some olives and roast capsicum for to have with lunch tomorrow, which was remarkably restrained of me. EVERYTHING looked so good and it was hard to fight the urge to take pictures every five metres.

After the markets we all went to Rundle Mall to finish off Adam’s Christmas shopping. I picked up a couple of things for mum and Stuart but it was fun to follow those two around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. We ran into Grigor and Liz and had a good catchup – another instance of the curse of Adelaide rising. If you know the Lord of the Rings movies, Grigor is the splitting image of the dwarf character – just more jolly!

After all that shopping and lunch at Billy Baxters (I had a mandarin muffin and a coffee) it was time to come home for a lie-down!

Next is the basketball…