Touchdown in Adelaide!

Actually, I must say that both flights went pretty well, all things considered.

The flight to Singapore was delayed. It was supposed to leave at 4:35pm but at 4 pm the flight arrived. What happened next was the chance to watch the crews get to work in a frenzy of activity.

The passengers started coming off at 4:01. The caterering vans and freight crews were already hooked up and starting to do their stuff. At 4:10 the cleaners went on board. At 4:15 the flight crew for our flight were milling at the check-in gate – chomping at the bit. Soon afterwards the flight crew from the previous flight came off. What followed was all sorts of hand gesture communication and lip reading. I can only guess what they were saying, but if you’ve read Air Babylon then you could probably guess what was going on…

The flight staff were let on board at about 4:30. The cleaners got off at 4:40pm. We were let on at 4:50 and the plane finally got off the ground at about 5:10. Not bad turn around eh!

The flight was a little bumpy but dinner was satisfying (I had the fish) and I had a row to myself. Watched both Pirates of the Carribean movies back to back which was interesting… (young Orlando, old Orlando. young Keira, old Keira) Johnny Depp was better in the first one if you ask me.

We had a good tail wind on the way to Singapore so we were able to make up some time. I had enough time to take my brisk walk over to the other side of the terminal without any hassles. I even allowed myself to get distracted by the shops along the way, but didn’t buy anything.

The Adelaide flight was already boarding and I was not the last straggler to get on – pleased to say! The flight was chokas though – not a spare seat in the house. Had a couple of drinks and was able to get some sleep. The flight was smooth and the landing a little bumpy but no problems for my flighty stomach.

Had no troubles getting through Immigration, my bag was waiting on the carousel as I came down the stairs, I had nothing to declare so they waved me through and I was one of the first out of the place!

Met Mum (nice haircut – VERY short! She had neglected to tell me about that….) followed by my brother, Stuart and my best mate, Matt – who’s sporting a very fetching beard ladies, if you’re into that sort of thing!

So there’s the first part fo the saga successfully negotiated!