Well, things are progressing.

Got the insurance forms and they’re filled out. Getting money changed tomorrow. The way the yen is descending against the world’s currencies this could turn out to be a good thing to do now rather than later…

Paid for the accomodation in Thailand and I’ve been busy reading websites for advice and views about Thailand. I can’t believe I’m only going for six nights. The amount I’ve reading you’d swear I was going for six months instead!

Reports range from the alarmist (don’t eat, drink, touch anything that isn’t packaged inside plastic and don’t talk to anyone!) to the libertarian (Thailand is paradise on earth – fruit ripe for the picking), as well as sites by everyone from the hippies to the whoremongers. Why play Russian Roulette on a daily basis in the bedroom? Do people really hate themselves that much?

The weather in Thailand looks on track to be typical for the new year period. Australia looks like it’s going to be a long hot dry summer. Not good for farmers but good for travellers.

I’m REALLY looking forward to escaping the Japanese winter for nearly a month though. Things are starting to get really cold here. Even the Canadians are complaining about the cold!