Yep, finally things are starting to move along for my trip at the end of the year.

I’ve been in touch with some good friends and already have some chances to catch up lined up.

Airplane tickets have been booked and paid for. I’m flying Singapore Airlines this time. I’ve much preferred them to JAL/Qantas in the times I’ve flown. I also get to arrive direct in Adelaide this time, rather than having to divert through Brisbane and/or Sydney airports.

I’ve also finalised my bookings for accomodation in Thailand. I’ve been using a webpage called to book and pay for the hotels. It’s been pretty easy to use and moderately painless. I’ve have no troubles with being in contact with them as well as having them deal with any troubles booking hotels swiftly.

I’m leaving Japan on December 20th, arriving in Adelaide December 21st. Leaving Adelaide January 5th and arriving in Bangkok that evening. Finally leaving Bangkok January 11th and arriving back in what will likely be a VERY chilly Japan on the 12th.

Stay tuned for the ensuing saga….