What to do?

Hope that good sense will prevail? (The ‘Nobody Is That Stupid’ notion)

Use U.N. sanctions and resolutions? (The ‘Sternly-Worded Letter’ approach)

Start an arms race? (The ‘Here We Go Again’ scenario)

Ask China to start leading sanctions against N Korea? (The ‘Big Father Spanking Little Son’ idea)

Don’t forget who gave the North Koreans the technology to produce the plutonium needed to build the bombs in the first place. (The ‘No Surprises There’ revelation)

Failing everything, you canget together with your right-wing buddies and go and protest outside a pro-NK Korean resident’s association, who most certainly have nothing to do with the test, and can’t stop what’s happening over there anyway. (The ‘Blind Nationalistic and Racist Knee-Jerk Response’ situation – thankyou Japan.)

As Bette Davis said in ‘All About Eve‘, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”