We have until 2016. That’s when the Greenland Ice Sheet slips into the sea and it rises seven (that’s 7) metres. An authority no less than the U.S. Navy Survey believes this to be the case.

Read about it.

What does that mean for us that will be still alive? The article mentions five points:

1) “Most coastal cities would become uninhabitable for many….”
2) “
Enormous areas of the most productive agricultural land would be underwater…”
3) “
The eastern US and Europe may become hotter or colder or more storm-ridden….”
4) “
Removing the weight of the ice cover … will have an impact on … quake and … on volcanic activity…”
5) “
… people, in their millions, will be on the move for survival…..”

Sounds like fun. And people wonder why my wife and I don’t have any children.