Hey Yo,
Happy Belated Canada Day and Independence Day to you Canadians and Americans out there.

Well, the World Cup is basically over. I never thought I’d be cheering on the French, but as long as the Italians don’t win, I’ll be happy!

The Aussies have already won the only World Cup that really, truly matters though – the BEER World Cup. Yup, they had one based on the same groups as in the soccer World Cup, and the Aussies won! Naturally, it was with Cooper’s Sparkling Ale – our finest ale, and my favourite tipple, naturally!

In other stuff from around the traps, a couple of interesting articles from Znet. One’s about the fascist philosophers and idealists that have inspired Bush and his followers, the other’s about Australia’s growing role in the South-East Asian region as an agent for America’s Imperial program. Scary stuff. Food for thought.

Something a little lighter is some ideas for travelling in the off season to some of the world’s nicest spots. Sydney’s on the list – dunno why!! As for me, the white beaches of Saint Tropez are calling! I’ll see you there!

My friend, Matt, may be off to a Yo La Tengo gig as part of the American leg of his world tour. You can check out page here, but he also has a page here and here, depending on what he can access. I’ll be accessing his butt with my foot for seeing Yo La Tengo AND Sonic Youth in the same month. Lucky sod!

Anyway, time for bed – looks like Wimbledon will be rained out tonight – dang….