There is movement at the station – literally. Himeji Station has been being rebuilt/renovated/extended as long as I’ve been here and FINALLY it seems like something is happening.

Over this weekend they’re lifting out the bridges to the west of the station and finishing the new overhead rail lines that will make the crossings near the station history and improve the traffic conditions.

I stopped by for a look-see after dinner at Everest last night (see the Himeji Restaurants page for more) and took some pics, then again while shopping today. They have the biggest mobile crane in Japan to do the job. Apparently it’s 250 metres tall at its full height. As they say in the West, “That’s a mighty big crane you got there,” and as they say in Australia, “No shit, Sherlock!”

Still a long way to go until the station is complete, but this is a big step towards the end of the line. (pun intended)