I love Winamp – such a neat little program. I also really like my 300GB external hardrive sitting on the floor. At the moment I have 70 hours of tunes loaded up. 1017 songs to be exact!

Here’s a sample of what I’m listening to – courtesy of the ‘random’ function….

From Samarkand To Bukhara – Bonus Track (untitled) – traditional music from Uzbekistan
Gary Numan – Cars – classic 70s techno-rock
Propellerheads – Take California – beats for the masses
Sonic Youth – No Queen Blues – from a live show
Ry Cooder – Brothers – from the ‘Paris, Texas’ soundtrack: one of my favourite movies
Big Country – In A Big Country – rockin’ Scots tear up the 80s
Aqueduct – Frantic (Roman Polanski Version) – found while random searching on the Net
Go Home Productions – Daft Britney – mashup of that girl with Daft Punk – surprisingly good
Jaya Semara – Balinese Gamelan Music
Hall & Oates – Kiss On My List – the best cheese is 80s cheese
The Sundays – Joy – live performance from the French radio program in 1992. I miss this band
Kenji Kawai – Ghost Hack – from the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ soundtrack. Awesome movie
Kenji Kawai – Access – from the same soundtrack – so much for ‘random’!
Revenge – Kiss The Chrome – Peter Hook from New Order’s solo project – great bass, silly songs
Dizzy Gillespie – Theme from the cool world – When I read Chandler, this is the music I dream of…
Mazzy Star – Flowers In December – beautiful music – wide open sounds
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Gemini Spacecraft – defies decription; a classic!
Sonic Youth – Junkie’s Promise – from the classic ‘Washing Machine’ album – gritty grind
Zbigniew Preisner – Beginning of the Story – from the ‘Aberdeen’ soundtrack – delightful Celtic inspired piano piece
Sonic Animation – Didley Squat – late 90s Aussie dance anthem
Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather – get the feeling I like Sonic Youth?!
Parker and Lily – The Low Lows – spacy mid-West hotel at dusk music
Grace Jones – Love Is The Drug – Miss Jones’ take on the Roxy Music classic – frantic
Go Home Productions – The Whale and the Walrus – lavish mashup of the Beatles hit
Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better – HOWAAARD! This song rocks.
Tori Amos – Angie – Tori does her acoustic piano thing to the Rolling Stones ditty – like this one
Go Home Productions – Safesurfing for No One – another Beatles mashup – ‘random’ failing again
Barry Manilow – I Write The Songs – heh heh heh! “I’ve been alive forever…” Prophetic!
Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night – never really understood why myself….
Severed Heads – Someone Who Doesn’t Need Their Organs Anymore – Aussie electronica; from ‘The Illustrated Family Doctor’ movie
Cliff Richard – Devil Woman – “Honestly, you’d think ‘Devil Woman’ had never been written!”
Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy – Aaaah the smiles keep coming
Jane’s Addiction – Stop – Air guitar!
James Taylor – Fire and Rain – another classic tune
Machine Go Boom – This Song’s A Secret – any song with the refrain “I know you’ll be dancing on my coffin lid” deserves a listen or three.
10CC – I’m Not In Love – going through the 70s catalogue a bit here!
Go Home Productions – Message Of Love – this time Grandmaster Flash and XTC get mixed up – this works really well!
Parker and Lily – Swim To Me – spooky space-race sounds in this one
Wilco – War On War – a great American band
The Smiths – Paint A Vulgar Picture – Morrissey croons, Marr strums; twas such a good music partnership…
Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – ooh yeah!
St. Etienne – Mr. Donut – Lounge infused pop. I actually went to Mr. Donuts today, so there you go!
New Order – State Of The Nation – not one of their best singles, but some good moments.
Little General – Beauty Fades (Dumb Is Forever) – great title! Little known Melbourne group
Midnight Oil – Short Memory – this song is over 20 years old and still relevant.
Yo La Tengo – Wasn’t Born To Follow – Hoboken’s finest light it up
Roxy Music – Avalon – a classic! (I wonder how many times I need to use this word today)
Slowdive – Sweet Child O’Mine – one of the mildest covers of a wild song you’ll ever hear.
Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon – Plastic Jesus – heh heh heh! This has to be heard to be believed!
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Bladerunner – starts like the Dead Kennedys, ends like a train wreck
They Might Be Giants – Someone Keeps Moving My Chair – no idea what this song is about
Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy – 80s one-hit-wonder….. thankfully!
Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love (live) – from the Stop Making Sense CD – funky
Yo La Tengo – Last Days Of Disco – Cool sounds from New Jersey
Chenard Walcker – Monome Valentine – French audio artist mashes up funk, jazz and others

…and I’m spent! Time for dinner.

More will be added to the drive…. more musical randomness shall ensue!