From this week’s Time magazine, an interesting story about one of the people arrested at the State of the Union speech this past week – and it isn’t who you think it is.

From the article: “The man … was a personal guest of Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings. He is a prominent businessman from Broward County, Florida who works with the Department of Defense-and has a security clearance.” He also happens to be an American of Indian descent – and happened to trigger the FBI’s list of secret suspects that interestingly includes anyone suspiciously ‘foreign looking’.

The man was taken away from the auditorium after the speech was over (during which he hadn’t anything vaguely suspicious at all) and was questioned by police and secret service staff for over an hour before being released.

He has been apologised to, but said afterwards that this incident was, “maybe just the price of being brown in America”.

So, I guess that means that people are now resigned to having their civil liberties violated as a matter of course in the U.S.A. Goodbye, Land of the Free. Hello, something altogether darker and more dangerous.