Ah. I get to have dinner alone. The poor wife is feeling poorly so she said to fix dinner myself tonight. Since she was feeling bad, and I didn’t want to, so I figured something hot and spicy might keep the bugs out of my system – or at least kill any that had got in. I had a packet of Green Curry Paste and there was chicken in the fridge, so yeah, heck, why not?

I didn’t have the other ingredients suggested on the back (where can you get sweet basil and kaffirlime leaves around here anyway!?) so I substituted by usuing the leftover sun-dried tomato from last night as well as onion and garlic. I figured the sweetness of the tomato and onion might go some way to neutralising the fire of the chilli.

Boy, was I wrong! After my tastebuds had performed a quantum shift to a parallel universe and I downed some milk, I was able to finish off the curry, but it took me a good 30 minutes to recover afterwards! It was delicious, but I felt like I’d gone for a run! I’m out of practice with proper spicy food, methinks.

The thing is, the recipe on the back of the packet said to add extra chilli!

Not good.

Anyway, I also polished off the bottle of wine I opened last night – a very nice Penfold’s Muscat (Vintage 1997) that I hadn’t got around to opening previously. It was OK last night, but after a day in the fridge the flavours had developed nicely. It was quite sweet and fruity, but with a hint of acidity that really made it quite a tasty drop. I might have to pick up another the next time I’m back home.

Enough food. Back to the cynicism.