One thing you’ll notice once you’ve been in Japan for a while is just how extraordinarily infantile, juvenile and immature things are – especially the people and the way they are treated.

This may become one of the ‘themes’ of this website, I fear.

It’s amazing how much people are mollicoddled in their daily lives in Japan. For example, when you want to get on a train, there’s a voice on the PA telling you that there is a train coming into the station, to watch out for the said train, to stand behind the yellow line, not to push once the doors are open, and so on. Once you’ve reached your destination there’s another voice, this time from the conductor, who tells you not once but at least twice which station it is you’re coming to, to not leave anything behind, like bags, umbrellas, shopping, children, and so on. It is really something.

I won’t even start on the culture, like the horrid pop music, the style of humour seen on TV, as well as the way women are treated (“Wow, she’s got big breasts! Hee hee!” “Yes, I do. It’s my ‘charm point’. Do you want me to bend over while wearing this bikini?” “Oh yes please! Hee hee hee hee!” – Sheesh….), but I guess it has something to do with today’s link and story.

The childishness extends to crime. Criminals in Japan are often quite pathetic with the reasons they commit crimes, as well as the execution. They often lash out like children – striking blindly and often with horrific violence, only realising afterwards what damage they have done. It’s also amazing how many of them confess straight away. (But when you understand the techniques used by the police to extract confessions, maybe that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea….) Today’s story is an excellent example.

The first sentence says it all, really. “A 27-year-old unemployed man has been arrested for setting fire to a futon in his home after getting angry with his mother for refusing to buy him dolls”

Dolls? 27 year-old man? This is what this nation is coming to, boys and girls.

He did do the right thing though, after his house burned down, he went straight to the police and turned himself in. Good boy, now go to prison for the rest of your life, you loony!

The next example may well be posted… tomorrow?

Stay tuned.